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Want Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Back?

It’s not hard to go into shock when your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly decides they do not want to be with you.
Views: 922 Created 08/10/2008

It’s not hard to go into shock when your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly decides they do not want to be with you. The first typical response is becoming panicked. What did you do wrong? You do all kinds of negative things that you ordinarily would not do through this emotional time. While ignoring those initial impulses can be hard, letting yourself make those wrong choices can keep your ex from wanting to come back. One such mistake that some people make: text message terrorism.


If you want to keep your ex from wanting to come back to you, constantly be in their face. It’s common to think that if you are out of sight, you are also out of mind. This can be further from the truth. Yet, if you keep text messaging them, they have no time to miss you. Don’t be misled. Text message terrorism doesn’t just mean cell phone texting. It also means a barrage of phone calls and e-mails.


Try to keep the one month, no contact rule. Not doing so, makes you look seriously deranged or the psycho ex that many people like to avoid. You may come off as clingy and desperate. It can be taken too far where you ex may seek an order of protection also known as a restraining order.


Why should you follow the one month no contact rule? First of all, it gives you time to regain your self-control. Second, the time away can simmer down emotions, letting you miss the other person. It can only happen if you are not around constantly. If you want him or her to come back to you, stay away for that month.


Even after your one month separation is over, do not actively pursue your ex. First, work out a strategy to win back your ex. Have a plan you know has been tried and worked. If you want an ex back, stop fighting full force for his or her attention. If you don’t, you are only setting yourself up for more heartbreak and the final straw that would break the camel’s back.


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