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If You Want Your Ex Back – Suggestion You Should Do Now

If you and your ex are fighters, it is best to spend some time apart so both of you can cool your heads.
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If you have been dumped, you probably think that the only way to get your ex back would be to see them and talk with them constantly.  This is, in fact, counter productive. If you stop talking with them for a specific amount of time (3-4 weeks will do) then you’ll see that there are several benefits to waiting.


If you and your ex are fighters, it is best to spend some time apart so both of you can cool your heads. This is especially true for couples who just broke up. If you feel like you both can have a go at the relationship after some time apart, then it is best not to see each other for about a month. Seeing each other causes more conflict and honestly, the time apart is rather good for all involved.


After the peaceful month has passed, both of you should be less unreceptive. You can settle all those issues that drove you apart with an open mind and open heart, thus starting the healing process. If you want to get your ex back with confidence, it is necessary to give yourselves this break.


No matter the type of breakup you have, whether it is constantly fighting with each other or having a mutual time away, it is a way to rekindle the flames and fire in your relationship. If you are constantly seeing each other, it’s like you never broke up and both of you won’t have the time to miss one another.


Remember these two old expressions, “You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone” and “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. How can you be appreciated if you never actually leave. He or she won’t have the opportunity to know what he or she is missing if you are always together. If the breakup was under a mutual understanding, there is always a chance for another shot. Yet, he or she will never see it…so spend some quality time apart.


When it seems everything is falling apart around you, it can be hard to make any sort of correct decisions. Don’t react to your circumstances. Instead react with a plan to those circumstances. Hence this reason for the time apart, you can develop some sort of plan to get your ex back.


Without a plan, people act in all kinds of ways. You may lack the right words, turning off your ex. You may come off as needy thus sending your ex running from your attempts to get back together. So, embrace this month long hiatus to develop a plan that has actually worked. Don’t do what you think works, do what does work.


If you really are serious about getting back together with your ex, then you should take the advice you get just as seriously. Sometimes it’s difficult from staying away from the one you love but if you want your ex back, you really need to do give yourself and your ex a break.


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