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3 Tips to Avoid When Getting Your Ex Back

There are 3 tips you should follow so you do not ruin your chances with your ex.
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If you have ever been through a breakup, you already know how horrible it can be. You know that life can seem unbearable but you may not know that it can be easy to put your life on track with just a little determination. You can also look at getting back your ex just as easily with a well-thought out devised plan. There are 3 tips you should follow so you do not ruin your chances with your ex.


Tip (1) - Take Me Back Attack


Once a breakup occurs, the first initial reaction is to give your ex all your undivided attention. You may try to persuade your ex to work out the problems and give each other a second chance. However, what you are actually doing is sending him or her further away from your attempts. The best thing you should is actually nothing at all. By giving him or the space they need, you have the time to heal yourself.


Tip (2) - Drunk Dialing


Just like it suggests, drunk dialing leads to making a fool of yourself during the overnight hours. It entails you calling your ex during a fit of excessive drinking. Any feeling of loss you feel is enhanced with your drinking and all you want to do is hear your ex’s voice and make them see reason for why you should be back together again. You call them and may either get them on the phone or their voicemail. No matter what you think, this is never a good idea and needs to be avoided at all costs. All you will end up with is a nasty hangover and bruised ego.


Tip (3) - Soap Opera Splurge


This tip is namely for women so what is a soap opera splurge? It means you sit back, watch television, with a box of tissue nearby with a bunch of ice cream buckets near her. Not only is this not sexy, it’s also very unhealthy. If you think this will be the way you can get back your ex, you are seriously misled. Instead, lay down the spoon, put up the ice cream and pull yourself together. Get your courage together and work at getting back your ex.


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