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Truck Racks: Expand your capabilities

Ladder racks are a useful add-on for any truck. Read on to get more information about the uses and capabilities of truck racks.
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Truck racks can transform any truck into a double-decker hauler that can easily manage and secure all your gear.  Whether you are a private contractor or MacGyver’s cousin, a truck rack can carry any type of equipment you may need, turning your work truck into mobile workstation. 

Truck racks is really a general term for several different types of racks.  The most popular truck racks are called “ladder racks”.  These racks fit all types of trucks by latching onto the bed rails.  Some ladder racks feature “no drill” installations while others require some drilling.  If you want to buy one, make sure you have the tools to properly install the rack or you can find a local mechanic to do the work for you.  Just about any independent mechanic should be able to do the work or you could take it to a car dealership that specializes in your make and model of truck.  Make sure to get an estimate before any work is performed as labor rates can escalate quickly.  Ladder racks can typically support around 1,000 pounds of equipment, but some are strong enough to support 1,750 pounds or more!  That means you can put more than just ladders up top; it is not uncommon to see lumber, rebar, four wheelers, kayaks, bikes, and other types of sports equipment strapped down on a truck rack.  It is very important to remember that the center of gravity changes dramatically with the more weight you put up top, so make sure to slow down in the corners if you’re carrying a big load. 

Other types of specialty truck racks include tonneau cover racks and cap racks.  Tonneau cover truck racks are specially designed to work with truck bed tonneau covers so both items can be installed on the truck working in harmony.  Cap racks are similar to tonneau cover truck racks, except they work on top of truck bed caps.  The important thing to remember about these types of specialty racks is that they are designed to work with specific tonneau covers/truck bed caps, so make sure to do your research before you make any purchases.

I’ve had personal experience hauling around all sorts of stuff in my F-150 and I’ve found that it is critical to keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge on your dashboard. If your engine overheats while hauling a lot of equipment, you’re done for.  One thing I’ve found to be effective at keeping engine temperatures down is my aFe high flow air filter.  Because air can flow more freely through the filter, the temperature of the air intake is (on average) a few degrees cooler.  And since my engine doesn’t have to work as hard to breathe properly, I noticed a nice boost in power and towing capability.  Now, I’m not saying that a high flow air filter is the cure-all solution to an overheating engine, but it is an inexpensive part that produces tangible results. 

For more information about this, check out the following links: truck racks, ladder racks, afe air filters.

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