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Understanding Colon Cleansing

Understand how your colon works and find out the different types of colon cleansing options available.
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The colon, or the large bowel, is the waste ground of the body. With every meal we eat more and more stagnant food material sticks to the walls of the intestines and begins the long process of decomposition. As this waste material continues to rot it releases harmful toxins into the bloodstream that have the same general effects as the toxins we ingest.

Every layer of hardened food matter that attaches to the intestine wall reduces the ability of the colon to function a little bit more, meaning that over time the intestines stop doing their job and this is when illnesses and diseases start to take over.

The primary objective of a natural colon cleanse is to break down and remove the hardened material that is stagnating in the intestines, colon and rectum. This has a two-fold effect:

  1. It allows the intestines to function properly again so that conditions such as constipation and diarrhoea are a thing of the past.
  2. It dramatically reduces the amount of self-produced toxins so that the detoxifying organs of the body only have to deal with ingested toxins.

Most natural colon cleanse programmes consist of a colon cleanse diet and a number of colon cleansing supplements. You can begin by slowly converting your diet from one of processed and fast foods to one consisting mainly of fruit and vegetables i.e. a detox diet. Many people also find it beneficial to embark on a 2 or 3 day fast as well.

A standard colon cleanse will involve:

  • Fasting - either water or juice based.
  • A strict detox diet high in fibre.
  • A probiotic supplement to replace the friendly bacteria lost during the initial fasting period.
  • Flax seeds and bentonite clay - these two ingredients both swell up when they absorb water and act as laxatives. They also bind toxins so they are eliminated from the body.
  • Herbs that help to stimulate the liver and gallbladder; the body's main detoxifying organs.
  • A salt enema to wash away any remaining waste matter.

All detox programmes should begin with a colon cleanse because at the end of the day it is pointless cleaning the liver, blood and lymphatic system if the colon is still producing toxins.

A natural colon cleanse can be uncomfortable for a few days however the benefits far outweigh the costs. You will very quickly feel clean from the inside and far more energized which both are feeling that everybody longs to feel.

Learn more about colon cleansing at http://www.detox-guide.com/colon-cleanse.html.

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