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Getting your Ex Back: How to Grab Your Ex Attention

You do have a way to get him or her back; you just need to know how.
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Your ex has decided to try and move on without you in his life. He or she looks like they are succeeding in this effort. It can bring you down, seeing them move on when you don’t feel like doing or able to do the same thing. You may be searching for ways to seek their affection back without looking like you are needy or distressed. You do have a way to get him or her back; you just need to know how.


While there are several ways to achieve your ultimate goal and get them to notice you once again, some ways are the wrong kind of attention. If you really want to get him or her back, you have two superior ways you can do this.


For starters, look your best whenever he or she sees you. You should dress your best whenever you leave the house but do so in a way that doesn’t seem like you are doing it on purpose. Go out to clubs with friends and go where everybody goes including your ex. Even if your ex isn’t there, you are sure to get some sort of attention. Perhaps this attention will increase your self-esteem and send the message that you are pretty or handsome. This can’t hurt, right?


Secondly, any harmless contact such as e-mail, voicemail message or text message can make him or her interested in talking with you again. Perhaps just a call seeing how they are doing can peak their interest. You are trying to get them to return your call so leave a good, curious message. Your goal is not to expose yourself but them. So remember that what you say and how you act can help you to get him or her back.


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