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Possibilities on Getting Your Ex Back Even If It's Over

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Views: 802 Created 09/17/2008

You probably think that once your relationship is over, you don’t have a chance to get your ex back. However, you should know right now that there is always a possibility to get your ex back. You probably think your situation with your ex is unique when in actuality, all breakups have a common theme: something was amiss in the relationship. How do you know if you can get a second chance with the one you thought would always be there for you?


Keep in mind that nearly ninety percent of relationships that end have a chance of working out. It’s not an impossible feat to deal with. Many of them are happily reunited.


That’s not to say that specific situations aren’t as difficult in dealing with and coming back from but the real truth of the matter is the only thing holding these people back are themselves. Their insecurities, vulnerability and fear of hope keep them from going after who they really want to be with. They don’t want to be hurt anymore.


It’s okay to feel scared and even nervous. You don’t want to feel the loss another time, another failure. Yet, this should never stop you from taking steps to solve any problems you have and put your life back together again. What is your biggest obstruction? It’s your feelings. You can’t let your emotions control you but you shouldn’t lock them away and never feel again.


Even though people say their situation is different, the reality is that on the inside of the relationship, the breakup reason is the same. Can the relationship be salvaged for some of them? Yes, they can but there are breakups where the couple realizes they are just not meant to be. This is usually never one sided though. Remember that a relationship ends because something is missing. It is up to you and your ex to find out what was missing.


A relationship usually ends because someone feels it is lacking something special. However, all you need to do is find it because it is still there. If you want a chance to get your ex back, you need to look deep and past the relationship stress you are feeling. Remember, something was between you both; all you need to do is find it deep down.


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