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Get Your Ex on the Phone: 3 Success Formulas

If the breakup was not amicable and was just one-sided, there is hope. You just need to be aware of three not to do things that will help get them to return your call.
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One of the hardest tasks you will face after a breakup is getting your ex on the phone to speak with you. This is especially undefined if the breakup was not amicable and was just one-sided. There is hope, however. You just need to be aware of three not to do things that will help get them to return your call.


-  Don’t plead your case or beg them to give you a second chance. These things tend to fail miserably. Even if they come back to you because of this, they are already thinking it won’t work. Don’t beg!


-  Even if they don’t call you back, don’t make it out like it is life and death. This is quite futile and portrays you as the psycho ex who is desperate. Believe it or not, people, including your ex, are smart. He or she will already know there is no emergency. It’s just wise not to act like it is one.


-  Don’t leave a message that lasts for hours on end on their answering machine or voice mail. Exes rarely listen to messages in its entirety. What you see in the movies is complete fiction so don’t rely on them for guidance. If you want your message to come across as sincere, this is not the way.


If you truly want to get your ex on the phone, simply remember these 3 things that you should not do. What should you use if you want to get your ex on the phone? It’s simple really… curiosity and self-interest. Try using the lines, “Hey, how’s it going. I wanted to tell you thank you because what you did turned my life around. Call me back when you get the chance. I’d like to thank you in person”. Your ex is bound to be wondering what in the world they did that made you feel so helped. It also lowers their guard because it doesn’t seem like you are trying to get back together with them.


Before you even manage to get your ex on the phone, be sure you have a plan for what you are going to say. Without some thinking and a strategy, you’re likely to shoot yourself in the foot and won’t get a second chance.


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