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How to Spice up Your Sex Life with Romantic Couples Games

Romantic, sexy games are a great way to add fun and excitement to any relationship.
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Most relationships start pretty steamy and exciting. Everything is new, you're getting to know a brand new person, the physical aspect is different, and the anticipation adds to the enjoyment if you take it a bit slow. However, once the relationship has been established, and you've been with the person for a while, the excitement tends to start to die down. You may find yourself going through the motions, doing the same things in the bedroom and elsewhere. You may one day suddenly realize that you've lost that spark, that things have almost become boring.

So what can you do to spark things up, to add some spice and zest back into your sex life? There are, of course, more than one thing you can do. The discussion could go on for quite a while, in fact! So let's cover just one method, that is sure to give you plenty of ideas for creating some excitement and fun in your relationship – sex games for couples!

Sex games come in all shapes, sizes, types, colors and more. Card games, board games, sex positions, foreplay games, food games – and the list goes on! Sex itself has so many aspects and varieties that your options are limitless.

If you want to make your own sex games, you can do this with games you already have, or invent your own completely from scratch! For the first option, take a game you already own, this could be ordinary monopoly, scrabble, or whatever you wish, and simply make new rules for it. Add penalties, and rewards, that include sexy favors, stripping, truth and dare, or whatever seems fun and sexy to you and your partner. Part of the fun is personalizing the game and doing what you want with it. If you would rather make your own game from scratch, then write your own cards, use dice, use the alphabet for body parts (draw a letter and you have to do something to a body part that starts with it), or other creative ideas. Think sexy, think about what would turn you on or get you excited, and build a game around that.

Sex games that other people have created can be just as fun too – especially when you don't know what  exactly the whole game entails! There may be some surprising waiting in those cards, or with the roll of the dice, and that is also part of the whole fun. Eden Fantasys is a great source for sex games and you can likely find at least one that will appeal to you. With over 40 sexy games, from card games to board games, and more, you may get ideas just browsing through!

Role play or fantasy games may be your cup of tea, as well. Think of some of your fantasys – what might you like to try with your lover? Would you like to dress up as a maid, fireman, nurse? Would you like your partner to restrain you, seduce you, or be seduced? Blind folds, scarves, handcuffs, sexy food, costumes and other props may be very useful for these games.

Whichever type of games you choose to try, be creative and use your imagination. The game is all about you and your partner, and the intention is to not only add excitement, but bring you closer as well, so it is important that it be personal, and enjoyable for both of you.

For more sex games ideas visit Romantic Couples Games.com.



Emily Gray is a Romance Expert with Romantic-Couples-Games.com. Visit the site to find more sexy tips and games to spice things up with your partner. Check out her Spark Your Romance eZine to find out more about how to spice up your love life.

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