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Types of Colon Cleansing Products and Options

Find the right colon cleansing products and methods available in the market that is most suitable.
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Wondering which methods are available for colon cleansing? You have to look no further as all your questions will be answered here. The methods are primarily judged by their effectiveness and simplicity. Constipation is the root cause for many health problems and if you are suffering from the same then the method of enema might be your savior.

Enema has proved to provide relief for patients with constipation. The procedure of enema includes the insertion of a small tube into the rectum, through your anus, and the small tube consists of water as it helps in loosening the bowel. Many people might find this method repulsive and uncomfortable but a small price should be paid for the sake of health. Enemas are a boon for combating constipation as all the bowels from the intestine is shown the door! An enema is a method which can be used for constipation as well as colon cleansing.

If you are scared of tubes being inserted in your rectum, then laxatives might just do the trick for you. An oral medicine like laxatives does not prove to be uncomfortable and works effectively to release bowels for constipated patients.  A laxative can only provide temporary relief.

For normal bowel movement the intestinal muscles should undergo proper contraction. Laxatives assist in softening the stool and gives rise to contractions so that the bowel can be passed without any pain or discomfort. Dehydration is a common side effect for laxatives, so plenty of water should be consumed while patients use laxatives for colon cleansing.

Another popular method of colon cleansing is colon hydrotherapy. This procedure uses water as its cleansing agent. Filtered water (lukewarm) is contained in a plastic tube. This tube is then inserted into the colon via the anus. Professional advice and assistance should be taken before undergoing colon hydrotherapy as hygiene can be provided only by certified medical professionals. Colon hydrotherapy clears the large intestines and as a result the toxins present there are also removed.

Various types of colon cleansers are available in the market. Oxygen based colon cleansers are a rage among the people as they can consume it as an oral pill. The pills contain activated oxygen which catalyzes the process of removing the fecal particles. The intestines contains a lot of harmful toxins which are formed over the course of time and cleansers containing activated oxygen helps in getting rid of those toxins.

These oral pills do not cause discomfort or dehydration like the enemas, and hence it is preferred by people for colon cleansing as well as constipation. When oxygen based cleansers are used in colon hydrotherapy, then toxins from both the large and small intestine can be removed. If both the methods are combined, it will bear wonderful result for the people who want to opt for colon cleansing.

Cleansers containing the herbal psyllium can be used as another option for colon cleansing. Psyllium assists in increasing the volume of the stool and colon contractions takes place which makes bowel movement easier. Herbal cleansers can be used as a temporary arrangement and it is gaining popularity due to its cheap price. Options for colon cleansings are many in the market but ultimately it boils down to your needs and the suitability factor.

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