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How to Plan a New Bathroom

When planning a new bathroom space allocation should be your first priority. You've seen that sparkling new shower enclosure that you want, but what if its door won't open out int
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Allocate space!

When planning a new bathroom space allocation should be your first priority. You’ve seen that sparkling new shower enclosure that you want, but what if its door won’t open out into where you want to put it? Measuring up first is always a must. Just in case of emergencies, you may need to access the bathroom window, so, again, ensure you have safe access. If your bathroom has a sloping or cambered ceiling, take this into account when installing either a shower cubicle or bath screen; when your engineer comes to fit it he may not have enough space!


Not everyone is fully mobile, so please take into account those who have mobility problems or disabilities. This may be a factor if you wish to sell your home at some point.

Measure Up

It’s a good idea to take measurements of your existing bathroom items – basin, toilet, shower cubicle, bathroom furniture. If you are buying replacements you don’t want to have to re-tile that odd square foot of wall.

Use Your Walls

For the smaller bathroom, where space is at a premium to store such items as shampoo or shaving materials, a good idea is a wall cabinet. These are available with mirrored doors which also helps save space: you may not need an extra mirror!

Taps are Top!

If you’re tired of the way your bathroom looks but can’t afford a complete bathroom remodel, you might think or replacing your taps. Modern tap ranges come in many varieties: minimalist, modern, classical, traditional, contemporary, luxury, economy. Just choose what design suits your personality or the look and feel of the kind of bathroom you want to create.

Storage Solutions

For some, storage space in a bathroom is not only a necessity but a problem. If you live in a flat, for example, where storage space is an issue, where do you store your towels? One answer is a vanity unit. That is, a combination unit comprising a basin with built-in cupboards underneath. It really is the ideal solution to storing not only bulky items like towels, but those smaller things like bottles of shampoo.


Consult an Expert

As with all remodelling or home improvement, if you are in any doubt as to whether an item will fit or can be plumbed into existing fittings, seek out a plumber or DIY expert.

Harry Young is Internet Marketing Project Manager for Tapsnbaths.

TapsnBaths offer quality affordable bathroom suites, mirrors and cabinets, and bath screens to the UK consumer market.


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