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How to Tell If My Ex Still Miss Me?

Concentrate on taking care of yourself, making positive changes do help if you want your ex back in your arms again.
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Many people ask themselves and others how they are able to tell if their ex-significant other is missing them. No doubt everyone wants to be loved by someone and if you have just been dumped, you may still be looking for love from your ex. So it’s normal what you're thinking now.

You are no different than anyone else who has been dumped. You spent time with this person, invested your feelings and your life into the relationship. It’s normal to want that faith in that they feel the same way you do. You may feel that if you both still miss each other, there's still a future together.

However, you may be setting yourself for disaster if you are looking for love from your ex. Why is that? If you continue to check your voice mail or text/email messages or wait for the phone to ring while you are at home and nothing happens, you can be more than crushed and fall into a depression from it.

You’ll never want to find out from your friends or your family about your ex because this makes you look desperate and needy.  When you don’t though, you sit in silence… hoping, wondering and praying that they want you back and will come back.

What is the smart thing behind wanting to get your ex back? Well, actually, it’s giving them and yourself time. Do not get into contact with them. Instead work on you, your emotions and the issues that plagued your relationship.

If you want your ex back, this is the best way to do initially. During this time, focus on better yourself so that they’ll see a different person and that you can move on in life without them (even if you think you can't).

Is there possibility that your ex is missing and thinking about you?  Yes, Feelings don’t get cut off like a household lights. The feelings, for both of you, are still there.

You are not the only one who went through a breakup. They did too. They may have set off the breakup but they may have their doubts. They may feel horrible about it and they may have issues about their future and if you are in their future too.

You probably question why your ex doesn’t make an effort to see you, talk to you or get back together with you, if they miss you?

The answer is not as simple as it seems to be. Remember that there are issues in your relationship and they may feel irritated by them. It doesn’t mean they love you any less. It only means they are questioning about the relationship and wonder if things have changed if you should get back together.

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