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Win Back Your Ex: Using the 3 Stage Plan

It can be difficult to restore a relationship that has so much hurt and pain. However, it can be done.
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When you and your significant other have broken up on not so good terms, you probably think there is no reason to try. You are probably thinking that no matter how good life can be, it’s better for someone else but not you. While that could be undefined on one end, it doesn’t have to. You make the life that you want.  So if want to stop moping around, put your life back on track and win your ex back, utilize the following pieces of advice to help you with this goal.

It can be difficult to restore a relationship that has so much hurt and pain. However, it can be done. Take your ultimate goal and divide it 3 different ways. By doing this, you can overcome the fear of hopelessness and provide you with some heart and a path.

The 3 step plan makes the task much easier to win your ex back.

Win Back Your Ex Stage (1)

Stop paying so much attention to your ex. By not giving your ex the space they need to breathe, you hurt your chances of winning him or her back. This is usually your first impulse but the wrong one. Give your ex some space for a small period of time just enough to prove you are not a psycho and worth giving a second chance to.

This time away gives not just you but your ex some time to cool your heels. You know where you stand after everything has been cleared and the time has passed. This month- off do one good thing: you both end up missing each other. However, if you always see one another, you can't miss them. A few weeks usually all you need to think about life with and without your ex. Things usually move smoothly after that.

Win Back Your Ex Stage (2)

After you have broken contact for that month and things have settled back down, feelings and other personal problems, go ahead and contact your ex again. This doesn’t mean call them and talk for hours or about anything serious but just a light hearted phone call to see how they are doing. They’ll understand if you ask to see how they been but when it comes to the “relationship” talk, they may want to back off completely.

Should this initial talking to good, you’re likely in the clear to talk with him or her again. It’s kind of like meeting them all over again and that’s how you should take it. Go slowly to see how they feel. If it all looks good then react appropriately. Take time to work up to those other feelings. Just by being patient, you get a lot more accomplished.

Win Back Your Ex Stage (3)

If both of you decide to give the relationship a second chance, you have to know that things can go back to being sour especially if the issues are still there from the first failed relationship. You need to remember that the changes you made to win back your ex need to be kept up not only for them but for yourself. If you want the relationship succeed, you have to continuously work at it.

Do not become aggressive in trying to win back your ex. It takes time and the initial breakup and time apart needs to accomplish two things: time for you to work on yourself and time for them to miss you. If you are too aggressive, you are liable to push him or her away for good.

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