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4 Good Reasons to Get a Break from Your Ex

There are 4 reasons to give your ex and yourself a break and some space for approximately few weeks.
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When you have just been dumped, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to win him or her back immediately. You think to yourself that by being there for your ex, you can win them back. While this may be good in theory; reality does not work that way. There are 4 reasons to give your ex and yourself a break and some space for approximately few weeks.

Reason Number (1)

When a breakup just occurs, there are a lot of emotions going through your body. With it being such an emotional time, letting out how you feel can be disastrous and the damage can be irreparable. For this one reason alone, you should spend time away from your ex as possible. Give yourselves some space for about a month.

Reason Number (2)

No matter who dumped who, the feeling of loneliness is the same for both. If you stay apart, the chances of you being missed are great. The things that he or she believed were annoying about you and that might have led to the breakup will eventually lead to memories of those wonderful times you both had.

Reason Number (3)

Whether you know it or not, a breakup can lead to some insight into yourself. This is called self-growth and while you may be depressed about your breakup, you can also see it as a positive sign for a better you. You can look at yourself and turn around the things you don’t like about yourself. By making your pain work for you, you can change what you don’t like into something you do.

Reason Number (4)

Being alone doesn't mean you have to mope. Go out with friends and start to have fun again, this time as a single person. If you have been doing some self-improvement techniques as number 3 suggests, then you may be getting all sorts of attention from those who are single as well. By going out and showing your ex that life can go on without him or her, it may inspire them to get jealous. This tends to make them start thinking of you once again about what could have been.

By being able to give your ex and yourself some space, you are able to move on past the hurt that you may feel. You don’t have to feel like getting your ex back; but as long as you utilize these 4 things, it is always an option.

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