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3 Tips to Get Your Ex to Miss You

You know you don’t want to appear needy and it can be risky putting your feelings out on your sleeve. Yet, how can you convince them to give you a second chance.
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If you have just broken up with the person you love, you are typically faced with a predicament if you want to get them back. How to get your ex to miss you? You know you don’t want to appear needy and it can be risky putting your feelings out on your sleeve. Yet, how can you convince them to give you a second chance.

There are some tips that you can follow but a word of advice: they are a bit manipulative. You’ll be stringing him or her around just like a puppet is. It can work but you are taking a risk. You may jump at this opportunity to not only win back his or her affections but to also cause them the pain you feel.

Manipulative Tip (1) - Leave them alone. You ex may say they want to stay friends with you. You probably think this is a wonderful opportunity to win them back by staying in their lives. However, this is the time you want to do the exact opposite. If you stop the contact or seeing your ex, it gives them the time to miss you. Chances are they still miss you and by staying away, it gives them the opportunity to see how life is like without you. You’ll be on their minds in no time with this idea.

Manipulative Tip (2) - Dress to kill. You should never go into the outside world without looking like a million bucks. This may require some work if you have to get into shape. If you want to improve your self-image, lose those pounds you need or buy some new clothes. The thing you need to remember is to look good all the time. When they see you around the town, it will drive them crazy when you are looking your best.

Manipulative Tip (3) - Now that you look good on the outside, go out to the local hot scenes. Go with friends and have a good time. If you look even half as good as you feel, you are bound to get tons of attention from others. Should this bit of information get back to your ex, you’ll be on their mind again.

Eventually, all the information will be overload and they’ll starting hating themselves for letting you go. When and if they come back, you have total control of the situation. While it doesn’t always work when you want to get them back but it’s really the best choice you have to make compare to doing nothing and feel being the loser.

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