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3 Reasons Why a No Contact Rule Is Important

Doing that makes you look desperate which is what you don’t want to come across as. There is a simpler way you can achieve in winning your ex back.
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A breakup can cause a whirlwind of emotions that leaves you to wondering what you should be doing. The initial desire you may have is to be around your ex as much as possible. You lay hope that he or she will decide it was a mistake to break up with you and come back. However, doing that makes you look desperate which is what you don’t want to come across as. There is a simpler way you can achieve in winning your ex back. This is to completely break contact. There are 3 reasons to this method.

No Contact Reason Number (1) - The days that follow the breakup can be very stressful and emotions are running rampant. However, those feelings can become bad for you if you let them control your actions. When you are apart, you create a buffer space that allows the time to “heal” emotionally. If you don’t spend time apart, you can ruin any chance of getting him or her back. You don’t want to talk with your ex if you are very emotional.

No Contact Reason Number (2) - Remember the phrase “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? You can’t be missed if you and your ex are still talking. If you aren’t apart, you can’t stop thinking about what we went wrong in your relationship. If you spend this time apart, your ex will begin to wonder why he or she ever let you go. However, this can’t be done if you still see and talk to one another. Give them the time to miss you.

No Contact Reason Number (3) - Many things you can do without the stress of being in a relationship. If you don’t have to see him or her everyday you can better yourself without them in your face. The next time they see you, they may feel differently and wonder why they ever let you go in the first place. If they start fantasying about the new you, it makes you quite alluring to them.

Having no contact with your ex works in more than just these 3 ways but having an idea of why it is important is just as important as wanting to be around your ex and having them back.

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