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Win Your Ex Back – 3 Ways to Get Them Back

There are still things you can do turn win your ex back. All it takes are 3 simple steps that can turn their mind around and bring them back to your arms.
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So you’ve been dumped and you feel horrible at the moment. Despite that feeling don’t let it pass you by. There are still things you can do turn win your ex back. All it takes are 3 simple steps that can turn their mind around and bring them back to your arms.

Winning Back Your Ex Tip (1) - Cut Off Contact

You probably think that the only thing to bring your ex back to you is to be around them all the time. Actually, that’s really the worst thing you can do. You need to break off any contact including emails, text messages and phone calls. There is no showing up where she “might” be. You’ll need to be polite to one another if you work or have class together but you need to give one another some breathing space. You should know what its like to live on your own. You may tell yourself, “it's not bad being alone”.  While for your ex it would the exact opposite feeling. They may feel like they made the biggest mistake of their lives.

Winning Back Your Ex Tip (2) - Control Your Emotions

Never let your emotions control your actions. Both men and women react differently in situations such as this. While women tend to cry, men tend to hide their feelings. However, each person can get into a rut and allow their emotions to become destructive forces. You need to remember that you are the one in control of your emotions, not the other way around.

Winning Back Your Ex Tip (3) - Be Busy

If you stay busy, then you have little time to worry about your ex. What you should do is put on a happy face (even if you don’t feel happy), get up out of bed or off that couch and have some fun. Go out with some friends either to the movies, to the bar, to exercise… anything that can take your mind of the breakup. You may suddenly realize that the pain isn’t near as bad as it once was and you’ll be feeling better in no time. Once you start having a good time, you’ll be having fun again without forcing it.

Remember how you project yourself will show and if your ex sees you depressed, they’ll be glad they dumped you. If they see you “acting” happy and living your life, it makes you more attractive in their eyes. If you want to win your ex back, you want to portray this later image to your ex.

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