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Effective Colon Cleansing Techniques

Discover how a 3 stage colon cleansing process can easily let you achieve a toxin free colon and better health.
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All the years of eating processed foods, meat products and artificial chemicals in food takes its toll in the body by its remnants remaining in the digestive tract for some time. The easiest and best way to eliminate all this waste is through colon cleansing. Colon cleansing is a procedure that can be done at home with the right colon cleansing kit.

Colon cleanse should involve natural formulas that helps rediscover good health with the cleansing of the body. The colon cleansing formulas usually involves a two part detoxifying system which aims at maximizing your elimination process without any loose stools or cramping, through frequent healthy bowel movements. With the right colon cleansing method, you will experience the immediate benefits associated with a clean colon and the long term benefits of a healthy body.

The method to use can involve in three dietary plans that enhance the effectiveness of the cleanse. All the three plan would require you to drink 16 oz of warm water with fresh lemon juice every morning.

With the first plan, there are no changes in the eating habits. You are only advised to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables at meals. The colon cleansing kit would be more successful if you eliminate junk foods like donuts, white bread, fried food, candy and soda for seven days. This process avoids further addition of toxins into your colon.

During the second stage, it is critical to eliminate animal foods from your diet, including dairy products, and only eat whole plant foods like raw fruits, brown rice, oatmeal, beans and other whole grains for seven days. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and perhaps a variety of fresh juices. This stage requires you to avoid meats and begin focusing on nutritional food that helps clean up your colon.

With the third stage of the plan, you are advised to drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for seven days. Including fresh fruit and vegetables in both raw and uncooked form is also permitted. Now it is the time where you begin to use your colon cleanse kit to hasten the cleansing process and give it a further boost to clear up the colon where the natural foods are not able to reach.

You can break the cleanse by eating small amounts of fresh fruit for breakfast with a fresh salad for lunch on the eighth and ninth days. It is advised to do your colon cleansing seasonally while maintaining some changes in your food habits for good health. Eliminate junk foods while eating more of fresh organic fruits, whole grains, vegetables and legumes everyday. With a whole fruit and plant based diet and good exercise program, your overall health is greatly enhanced. Maintain this diet along with lots of water and hopefully repeat the cleanse every three months to have a clean and toxic free colon.

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