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Romantic ideas

So you want to plan something special for your lover? Here is a swankyidea that I came up with.
Views: 1.505 Created 11/23/2008

If you live near a mansion hotel or any
high class hotel out in the country, you're in luck. I will use
Langon Hall for an example.. (Avg nightly rate is 300.00-400.00 & up)
Most rooms have fireplace and jaccuzzi and will do special requests
before arrival. Go onto the hotel's website, & book the room you want
Secretivly pack your sweety's bag the night before you go and put it
into the trunk of the car. (If you don't live with your sweety don't
fret, just tell him/her that they can stay the night at your place, on
the night of the arrival of course. Or if worse comes to worse, steal
a pair of his/her clothes and put them in your knapsac if he/she's in
the washroom. He he he! (Theres many things you can do to gaurentee
the night out) At the day of the booking, make sure you call the hotel
to make those special requests (Chocolate dipped strawberries, & wine
waiting for you in the room). If the room has a fireplace, bonus! If
the room has a jaccuzzi extra bonus. Bring your own bubble bath and
candle set. This will for sure will make a romantic night!
Get into the car and go, just tell your sweety you want to go for a
country drive. He/she will fall for it! Drive toward the hotel, and
pull up to the driveway. He/she will look at you with a funny look
and may ask you what you guys are doing there. Simply tell him/her
that there is an awsome high class restaraunt in the hotel that
you want to try. They may debate it, and if they do, coax them
into it, they will usually fall for it, and if not, just tell them
that you want to get a gift certificate for your mother's birthday
and ask them to come with you, telling them you need their help to
help you pick out which certificate would be best. This will get
them moving. (Always have a back up plan and if you're good at
thinking on your toes, then you got a bonus gift there.   ;-)
Hold his/her hand and walk toward the entrance of the hotel,
go inside walk up to the front desk and tell them that you have a
reservation. Watch the look on your lover's face! That is if they
don't faint!

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