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Is He Really All That Into You?

Learn a few hints and tricks to find out if your man is really into you or not.
Views: 1.965 Created 11/24/2008

You’ve been into this wonderful relationship for several months, but now feel that it could be wearing  thin. Is it really that he may not be interested in you anymore, or is it simply just comfort?


1-      He used to call you  or text message you every single day, but now it’s a few times a week, and it seems to be getting less and less.


For one, he could be busy with work, if he has stated he has been swamped at the office as of late, then he perhaps could be telling the truth. It all depends upon how he treats you when you see him. Or two, maybe he’s just comfortable with you, and knows that he doesn’t need to keep tabs with you; but all in all sometimes it does lead you to wondering what ever happened to the old new feeling in the relationship. If you feel he’s not that into you, by his body language upon seeing him most times, he most likely will push away and don’t want to hurt your feelings by stipulating that it really is over. Your gut will tell you.

2-      His eyes are wandering when you both are out on a date driving around, or just walking down the street, standing in line for something etc...


Men’s eyes wander, it’s in their nature to. They were born as hunters back in cavemen days, and the trait still lies beneath the core.  As for women, back then we were gatherers, gathering firewood, flowers, spices etc. Today we still do the same thing. We gather in ‘’cliques’’ to shop ‘’gather’’ clothes, groceries, etc. As for men, don’t worry if his eyes tend to wander, it’s in their breed. Our eyes wander too, but it seems to be a tad more noticeable when your guy does it.


3-      After sex he turns away from you, and watches television  He used to cuddle you all the time before.


Yup, it could be fading off, the ‘’novelty of cuddling’’ It doesn’t mean he’s no longer willing to be into you, it just simply means he’s distracted by a favourite show, or may have a lot lingering within his mind. Perhaps he has a hard day at work, or simply just wants to keep to himself after sex. Try snuggling into him, he’ll get the hint, as he’ll suddenly wrap his arm around you. If this does not work, turn off the television, and tell him how you feel that it just don’t feel the same. If he is unwilling to comply and protests, there is a good chance the relationship could be dying.


4-      He used to take you out to dinner, movies, drives etc... Now its nothing at all.


After awhile of dating, the level of spark soon turns into a steady low flame. It doesn’t mean he don’t want to take you out anymore and spoil you. It could mean he wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of dating, and perhaps is looking for a few cozy weekends. Maybe he’s broke; has he had a lot of debts to pay off? Offer your man to take you for a nice romantic walk after dinner, maybe he will follow suit. If not ask him what’s on his mind. Don’t be too pushy though, it could heat things up, and then it might leave you feeling in doubt, or the relationship over. Just ask him if he would like to go out with you sometime, and see how his reaction is. If he’s not all that interested like he used to be, then most likely it’s over. Most men will open up if you ask properly without pushing.


5-      He never tells you that he loves you....


Here’s the biggest curse of them all! You have told him countless times that you love him, and even would do anything for him, however he never returning the favour back, with those few big words. Maybe he needs time to warm up, all men are different in many ways, it could take two weeks, two months, two years. (If it’s two years then something’s definitely wrong.) A lot of men are not about rushing, and they  want to take things slow. Men are not as emotional beings as we ladies happen to be. Though it is nice to hear it back. If he does not say that he loves you between 6 months to one year, I’d ditch him, because he’s not all that into you. It takes an average man within a relationship 5-7 months to finally pop out those words. That is not a very long time if you think about it, but if you’ve been in a loveless relationship for a few years, forget him and move on.

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