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Activity Tours in Iceland

Iceland is an ideal destination for today's active tourist. Biking, Golf, Hiking, Horseback Riding, River Rafting,Swimming, Ice Hockey, Bird Watching, Glacier Tours.
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Activities are as beautiful as the imagination, but the Middle-earth topography and ethereal subarctic light make an adventure of just breathing the Icelandic air.


Whether you visit Iceland to meet people or to get away from them, there’s ample scope for doing activities alone and in groups. We provide specialized activity tours depending upon your interest and requirement.

Iceland is a country where you can see and do things you can’t elsewhere. It’s hard to think of another place where you can play golf, climb a glacier and fish for salmon all in the same day! The country has many activities for all ages and abilities and you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you want. We always cater to tour requirements through our specially trained people to help you if you are a beginner at things like sea kayaking or white water rafting. And there’s just as much to do in winter!


Outdoor life goes on as usual in Iceland throughout winter, with horseback riding and sightseeing all year round. And for thrills such as snowmobiling, you don’t even need to go up on a glacier in winter because our rental and tour operators will find you plenty of places to explore at liberty. Some sports even take on an added panache in


We offer a great variety of Iceland tours, some covering large parts of the country, others small areas at a time. There are traditional tours as well as tours customized and hence, quite different from what can be experienced elsewhere. There are nature tours with striking landscapes, young lava fields, roaring waterfalls and majestic glacial ice-caps. In addition, there are organized day tours, and weekend and holiday tours all year round with Icelandic touring clubs where the emphasis is on hiking. Winter tours in Iceland are unforgettable: there is skiing for both beginners and the experienced, glacier tours on snowmobile or snowcats, and ice-fishing.


Iceland is an ideal destination for today's active tourist. Biking, Golf, Hiking, Horseback Riding, River Rafting, Sea Kayaking, Skiing, Sport Fishing, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Sleigh riding, Bird Watching, Glacier Tours, Whale Watching. This list is just a taster of the innumerable tours you can be part of.


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