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Review of "Around The World In 80 Babes," by Nige 54

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BABES! is the classic account of Nige 54's first around the world trip.
Views: 1.294 Created 11/29/2008

Around The World in 80 Babes! is the classic tale of Nige 54 and his adventures meeting women and showing them a good time. Unlike many guys who are all talk and only think they know how to meet women, through his story, Nige 54 imparts the required insight and strategy that other guys can actually use to maximise their success. In contrast to "The Game," which painted a very negative picture of the whole seduction community, Around The World in 80 Babes! motivates and inspires every guy out there to make some changes and start living the "54" way.

If you've never travelled through Europe, this book provides a great account of what can be expected on a Contiki tour. This book will also inspire you to go on your own travels and many men have already re-traced the path of Nige 54 to experience their own adventure. Nige 54 breaks down the dynamic of the Contiki tour and how to best go about meeting women for fun and nudity. Add to that his adventures across the US and the book becomes an expert travel guide as well.

Perhaps the greatest part of the book is "Chapter 4, How to Get Laid All of the Time," where Nige 54 lays out his advice for meeting and attracting women. Unlike many of the popular seduction methods out there, his advice is concise, to the point and places a great deal of emphasis on taking ACTION. Once you know how he does it, reading the stories through the book simply cement the principles in place. As a reader, you become inspired to shake up your own life and really push your limits after reading about the thrilling exploits of Nige 54.

The book starts with Nige 54 becoming "bored shitless" by his job at a top Accounting firm. After seeing the film, "54," he becomes inspired to find his own version of "absolute heaven" where -- like the famed nightclub Studio 54 from the movie -- "everything is beautiful." The reader learns the steps Nigel took to become Nige 54 and how he planned to maximise the nudity he would find on his around the world adventure.

One reader from the US, Larry had this to say. "I enjoyed it immensely, was laughing my ass off at some of your exploits and was even shocked at the audacity of a few things you pulled off.....you've developed your game to a very high level to pull some of that shit off! You definitely possess strong "inner game" which shines through in your stories. A big theme I hope people grasp is the outrageous lifestyle that's possible when you tighten your confidence, have some basic rules to work with and just go for it. I certainly found it inspiring. It's a huge and impressive accomplishment."

Along the way, Nige 54 discovers other things about himself he didn't know where there as his adventure takes the most unexpected and amazing twist that redefines the word "unpredictable" and highlights exactly why undefined life is often stranger than fiction.

What I find the best about "Around The World in 80 Babes!" is the way it inspires and motivates the reader to take a close look at their life and see how it can be made more exciting. Even if your life is one of stability, i.e. a wife, kids and a mortgage, it's an excellent way to live vicariously and experience absolute heaven.

Nige 54 has really become an expert at social interaction and travel and about the only questions that remain after reading the book are: What happened next? Where can I buy the sequel? and Do you have any seminars/in field workshops tours coming up? 5 stars.

Renegade writes for http://PUAhelpdesk.com and is dedicated to mastering the art of Seduction. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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