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Does Your Boyfriend Really Love You? Signs and Signals

When a man decides to spend his life with a woman it's his way of judging what the woman thinks and feels by discussing the future and knowing her reaction to it.
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The dynamics involved in any relationship is very difficult to comprehend and it is even more complex when it’s between a man and a woman in a boyfriend- girlfriend relationship. When you start realizing that you are falling in love with him and badly need him to reciprocate then it is obvious for you to ask yourself ‘does your boyfriend really love you?’. But until he utters those three magic words all you can do is pick up signs and signals from his behavior and talks about his feelings towards you. There are some clues which can give you a very fair indications about the answer to the question of does your boyfriend really love you.


When your boyfriend wants to spend all the time he has with you it gives a very fair indication that he has very strong feelings about you. When in love men cannot get enough of their girlfriend. They try and spend each waking moment with their girlfriend. It's not surprising that they would reschedule their whole plan just to accommodate few moments spent with their girlfriend. When your boyfriend displays such an action there should be no place for questions like does your boyfriend really love you in your mind.


When your boyfriend starts discussing long term plans with you it is an obvious indication that he is thinking of spending it with you. Men only think about the present and how to make the most of it in a relationship when they are in it for a short term. When a man decides to spend his life with a woman it's his way of judging what the woman thinks and feels by discussing the future and knowing her reaction to it. It’s a common trait among all men to hold on to the woman they love for the rest of their life so it will not be surprising if he brings up issues about future involving you both.


Men have a habit of letting a call go by if they are with their friends or busy in some work. But if your boyfriend picks up all your calls without the regards to what he is busy with the question does your boyfriend really love you just doesn’t arise. It’s a clear indication of his love as men always want to hear the voice of the woman they are in love with. The fact that he picks up each and every call of yours even when he knows you have called just to say hi and he is busy in some very important call it shows your courtesy call is more important to him than his important work. And if he doesn’t want to hang up the phone once you have called then the question does your boyfriend really love you is put to rest.


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