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Understanding Men and Dating: It's Not What You Think

When playing hard to get there is a very thin line between how much is acceptable and when it is too much.
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If you are single and thinking about dating then it's obvious that you have been hearing about how men and women look at the single scene very differently. Understanding men and dating is very important for the very obvious reason that it is as difficult to understand men and their thoughts for the women as it is for men to understand women and their thoughts. Understanding men and their thoughts is no less than breaking a tough cryptic code. Few simple aspects kept in mind would help you achieve this task more easily when it comes to understanding men and dating.

It is obvious that men like to peek at other women and it is even more obvious that many women get offended by this act of men. If the man you are dating stares at a girl nearby you would obviously feel he is more interested in her than in you. But that’s not undefined. Men are like that by nature. Instead of being angry or feeling jealousy for the girl it would be more appropriate of you to take the situation more sportingly. It would be much better if you could point out the girl even before he gets his eyes on her and make a comment about how beautiful she is. This would have a double effect. He would think that you are very confident about yourself and secondly he would feel you don’t feel insecure in the presence of another woman.

When playing hard to get there is a very thin line between how much is acceptable and when it is too much. When it’s about understanding men and dating you need to know that though men like to chase they would think you are not interested if you play hard to get on every occasion. The best you can do is to not be available at some times when he wants to meet you. This would on one hand make him feel you do have other things in your life which have a greater priority than him at times and on the other hand keep the mystery alive about you in his mind. But when you do it every time its an indication to him that he is not included in your plans and as an obvious reaction he would start making plans without you in them.

More than how beautiful you are what keeps a man attracted to you is how you present whatever you have to the world. It’s what is inside that matter more than what is outside. Your looks may help you attract him in the beginning but to keep the attraction alive your personality has to be captivating for him. If you are really interested in understanding men and dating you have to realize that more than how you look what matters are what you say and how you say. Be cheerful and friendly but do not start blowing your own trumpet every time you are with him. Let him discover you. That would make him more interested in you.

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