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Natural Colon Cleanse

Find out what are the types of natural colon cleanse programs available and how they can help you eliminate toxins.
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The environment of today promotes ill health in everyone as the food and air that is breathed is contaminated with some form of chemicals, petrochemicals, pesticides and PCBs. This toxic buildup brings about constipation, stress, acidity, dependency on caffeine, sluggishness, bad food cravings and lack of motivation.

However, this toxic buildup can be eliminated through colon cleansing especially through natural colon cleanse program. The process helps the body detoxify toxix elements from our body. This is a procedure that seldom need the attention of doctors; it can pretty well be done at home on your own. There are many kits available in both online and offline stores that can provide you with the right assistance to cleanse your colon naturally.

Most natural colon cleanse kits consist of an seven or eight days of intestinal cleansing program to eliminate toxic waste. Some of the formulas require that herbal powders to be consumed after mixing with juicea like apple juice. The herbs found in this powder have strong absorptive properties that work in cleaning the intestinal system.

Some of the herbs that are found in natural colon cleanse is basically a laxative that works on removing wastes. The herbs found here include cascara sagrada bark, aloe vera leaf and fenugreek seed. In addition to these herbs, there are herbs that support the laxative effect of these herbs like fennel seed which is helpful with gas and cramps. Then there is peppermint found in the formulas that aids in the digestion of the person.

Other laxatives herbs commonly found are dandelion root or red clover which helps in the cleansing of the blood and urinary tract. Unfortunately, sometimes these herbs can be harsh on the digestive system as a conventional laxative. This is why it is better to use another formula which is the oxygen based formula that chemically reacts with hydrochloric acid found in the stomach. With this reaction, the fecal material melts into liquid and gas to be expelled easily and also create soft stools.

Adding fiber is another form of natural colon cleansing process which can be in the form of bran, psyllium seed husks, prunes and other natural foods. Though fiber alone may not give a complete colon cleanse, adding more of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and limiting junk food is a good change to your diet.

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