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Top Five STDs And What The Symptoms Are

There are many STDs out there. Do you have one and not know it. Learn the Top 5 STDs and what to look out for.
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In todays society sex seems to be further accepted in todays youth and everyone has there own opinion as to whether this is OK or not. Unfortunately the real problem with this new and free thinking is STDs. Everyone has herd about them but do you really know what to look out for and how to safely prevent yourself from contracting one of these dangerous STDs.

Many sexually transmitted diseases don't even have any symptoms and can lie dormant in your body for significant amounts of time without you knowing it reeking havoc on your reproductive system. So were going to talk about what these are and how to determine your risk.


Top Five STDs

HPV: Stands for the human papilloma virus the most common incurable STD in the US effecting over one quarter of the population. There are more then 100 different strains of the virus of which 13 have been proven to cause cervical cancer in women.

HSV-2: Stands for Herpes simplex virus 2. There are two major types of Herpes virus 1 and 2 One is essentially the cold sores that people get on there lips which effects 80% of the population and two which is genital herpes which effects about one in five people, many don't even know there infected because of the lack of symptoms.

Chlamydia: A curable STD that comes from a bacteria. Symptoms are far and few but if they do acure they are a mild discharge, burning when peeing, and sometimes a slight smell of the vagina. If gone untreated it can have irreversible effects on the reproductive system.

Gonorrhea: Almost identical to Chlamydia in all aspects.

Syphilis: A bacteria that generally has unmistakable symptoms which include a small bump on the point of infection that will clear up on its own within a couple of weeks. If gone untreated can lead to serious infection of the brain.

These are just some of the most prominent STDs in the world today. For more information or if you think you may have been infected check out this STD site for more information and list of free clinics in your area to get tested at.

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