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4 Things That Won't Win Back Your Ex

You may feel completely helpless about the situation but if you put up a “front” about moving ahead in life, it makes your ex to take a second glance at you.
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It’s a devastating thing to be dumped.  When you’ve been with someone so long, it can be tough to not have that person beside you any longer. However, you might be surprised to learn that life does go on after a breakup. You can be happy even after your ego has taken a blow such as this. If you desire to win back your ex and get your life back on track as well, there are 4 things you need to do that can help you to achieve this.

 (1)  Desperate/Contacting Your Ex

One of the biggest blunders you can make is trying to prove to your ex why you should still be in their lives and try to make the situation work. While it’s normal to react in such a way, it’s the worst thing you can do actually. The best thing you should do is keep contact to a minimum or have no contact with them whatsoever. If you have to work together or have classes together, then be civil but don’t get personal. Your goal is to win back your ex and have them miss you.

(2)  Turning to Negative Outlets

Many people do stupid things when they are dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. One of the dumbest things a person can do is use alcohol or drugs to numb the pain they are feeling. Not only are they bad for your health wise but they can also make you do dumb things like drunk dialing. What is drunk dialing? It’s when you think calling your ex is a brilliant idea to explain your side of things and how you wish you two were together, so on and so forth.

However bad you may want to call your ex, this is something you should not do. While it seems like a good plan when you think about then, it actually sends them further away and avoiding you, thinking you're actually a nut. All you come across is a needy, whiny and desperate person.

(3)  Appearing Rough

One of the worst things you can do is be lazy in your appearance out in public. This is the time to make you look better. If you don’t like your skin, do something about it. Need some new clothes? Go on a small shopping spree. You may even just need a simple hair cut to make yourself feel and look better or lose some weight. Try something that makes you feel better about being you remember you want to win back your ex. Doing little things like these can make your ex feel jealous in the process.

(4)  Staying Home

After your appearance has improved to the way you want, call some friends to get out of the house. Go out to places that people know you and care to help you get over your ex. Doing this can also win back your ex’s notice especially if they happen to hear or see that you are out having a good time. You may feel completely helpless about the situation but if you put up a “front” about moving ahead in life, it makes your ex to take a second glance at you.

While there are other things that can ruin your chances of winning back your ex, these 4 things can be avoided and allow you to get that person beside you one more time.

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