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How Can You Tell If Your Man Is In Love with You? Three Signs to Look

If you want to know whether he has truly fallen in love, you need to pay attention to his behavior and body language.
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If your man is not vocal about his love for you it would be impossible to know if he is really in love. Women do know that some men whose feelings are difficult to understand.  Women usually need to find out first about his feelings by asking him, but if a man is interested he may have already told it or if he is not interested he would have ignored the question.

If you want to know whether he has truly fallen in love, you need to pay attention to his behavior and body language. His behavior and actions may show his intentions with you.

(1)  Physical Proximity

If you want to find out how much a man loves you, you can first watch how much he cares about sharing time with you and wants to be physically with you. A man who loves a woman cannot be stopped; he may drive an hour just to spend a few minutes with you. Another clue is if he always trying to spend time has with you, you know he is into you.  While the other side of men who find excuses and is always busy or finds a reason not to be with you is not interested in a relationship.

(2)  You're His Focus

When a man spends time talking about you rather than him it is a sure sign he loves you. To test this action is to pay attention to his conversation when you spend time together. If he is always asking about your life, it shows he is interested in you. If on the other hand during a date if the guy talks about himself he is not the guy you should be looking to spending a long term relationship.

(3)  No Short Memory

Usually men have bad memories, but if your man is in love he will not forget any special occasion. But a sure sign he is not into you is if he does not say a word when your birthday is approaching. Also if you have made plans to spend time together and when the date arrives but he just forgets it, it is clear he is not interested in you. If he adores you he will remember the tiny details about you. If he has a short memory he will write it down so he does not forget things. Men in love with women will not let important events pass without celebrating it together. Things that you mention can make a man shower his attention on you and he will have eyes only for you.

If you are convinced he has eyes only for you even on the little things you can be sure that your man is in love with you.

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