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Golden Rules to Make a Man Notice and Want You

A golden rule to further make the man notice you is to make yourself busy all the time and make him feel that he misses you and is in desperate need of you.
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Women in whatever age they are will always be anxious about how to make a man notice her. She might have special feelings for him but what is the guarantee that he might also have the same feelings as you have. What are the symptoms and tricks which might reveal his undefined feelings for you? Always remember that there is no short cut route to a man’s heart. He has to open it to you and it is up to you to make it open through your behavior and approach.

With the right attitude and approach you can 'con' your man very easily. Just follow some golden rules, which might make your man notice and fall for you. Many women think of complex things with which to corner their men. Remember the first basic rule is to be yourself and you don’t need a real time actor in you to steal his heart and make him your fan. Many women think being sexy or showing off their skin can turn men on. But remember that men prefer decent women for real relationships and always just flirt around sexy women for pure fun.

(1)  Dress Sensibly

To make a man notice you always be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. You need not always be your best to impress a man. Rather if you think you want to be your best always then you will land up dressing up all the time and can never concentrate on your other things. Dress sensibly according to the occasion. If your man is working in the same office don’t dress in casuals to impress him. Even in your formals present yourself neatly and always wear a nice smile on your face. That’s the greatest ornament a women can ever wear.

(2)  Self Respect and Esteem

Always never compromise on self respect and self esteem. If a man treats or misbehaves with a woman in ways which might demean her or tests her self esteem you know instantly that that man is never meant to be yours. A man who notices a woman he has an interest in will respect her and will never take advantage of her in any way. He might want to be protective towards her in all situations. You will feel his comforting behavior and will always feel much secured in all ways.

(3)  Create Chase Race

A golden rule to further make the man notice you is to make yourself busy all the time and make him feel that he misses you and is in desperate need of you. Allow him to chase you around for some time just to create that feeling of want in his mind. Play hides and seeks with him and you will soon find out that it is worth the game. He will become more and more curious about you and will keep looking forward to meet you.

You have the power within you to make a man notice and love you. Don't leave your future to fate or wait for him to approach you. Find out the love strategies on how to make a man desire you more and deeper. You will feel much more confident when you visit http://www.squidoo.com/make_a_man_fall_in_love

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