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How to Attract Men: Laws of Attraction

Laws of attraction tell us that opposite poles attract. So it is a natural phenomenon that men and women attract one another. So how do you get a man's attention?
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There's the chemistry between the two sexes. Women try to attract men and likewise men are also trying to attract the women when they meet. But the point is does the attraction stays with just one woman or man or is it with many? Then it is called flirting. But when it happens with any one woman or man then it is called love. So you have to decide whether you're just flirting or would be happy to love just one man in your life. Whatever the decision you must first know the art of attraction towards the opposite sex.

Laws of attraction tell us that opposite poles attract. So it is a natural phenomenon that men and women attract one another. But when you want just one man to love you then you must definitely play fast to get the man attention and make him look your way.

How can this be done? Should you dance like a damsel to get the men to attract? Or maybe try to scream or howl to catch his immediate attention? Do you think anything foolish or otherwise will get his attention towards you. Suppose he starts to pay attention to you how do you sustain the attention and attract the man to further make him interested. All this might look complex and confusing. But it is a very interesting role play and with the right attitude you can make any kind of stubborn man to turn and look at you and get attracted.

Choose the Right Man

Choose the right man and make the right moves. You don’t want to attract your boss’s attention in an attempt to corner his personal assistant. So when you choose the man make some underground information checking and find out his likes and dislikes. If you know he likes blue color and loves the fragrance of roses go for a shopping spree and get the best blue apparels and perfumes and get started trying on a total makeover.

Dress Sensibly

In your enthusiasm to attract your man, don’t overdo things by over dressing or making too many efforts. Don’t even make an impression that you are all set to attract him. Play cool and chill out and never really think too much about the whole deal. Only be around and near him just to be noticed at first. When he sees you around several times he will start noticing you and get curious to know more about you. Once you create this curiosity then you have to really act cool and see to it that you are always busy.

Keep Him Waiting

Once a man is attracted to you make him think about you more and more and allow the man to come searching for you. Once you find a place in his mind then it is not too far to get to his heart. So only the initial steps are hard but when cupid strikes him hard the path becomes easy.

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