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4 Secret Tips to Attract a Great Guy

You need to put in effort to make the relationship fresh and interesting. Here are some useful tips you need to learn if you want your relationship to flourish.
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Occasionally when you are dating a great guy and you feel you have a relationship then your fear of losing him is justified. You never know when this position will revert back and when he will lose interest in you and when he will start wondering to other women.

Hard work is needed in relationships too to keep it strong and going. You need to put in effort to make the relationship fresh and interesting. Here are some useful tips you need to learn if you want your relationship to flourish and keep up with the good and bad times.

Curiosity is the best bet with men as he is very attractive to unpredictable women. You make your man guess what you will do next or how you will proceed with him. The more curious he becomes the more he will come after you. Men don’t like monotonous behavior and serious women. Try to be unpredictable, spontaneous and fun loving. He will be after you 24/7 wanting to explore and explode with you and will look forward to your next meeting or date together.

Becoming needy or too dependant can kill a relationship. Stop making him defensive and try to stay cool and always show that his actions least disturb you in any way. Allow him space and if he finds being with his friends interesting then allow him to do so, don’t question nor retaliate or ask him to cancel the plan. Don’t be so desperate about him by calling him regularly to keep him reminded of you. He should miss you and feel the need to talk. And remember men easily can find out desperate women and so play cool and don’t show off your enthusiasm to be with him always.

Speak Your Mind
Be an open book and don’t be afraid to raise your opinion on things which doesn’t go well with you. Just because you need to keep your man in your hands doesn’t mean you need to always accept whatever he says and does. Men hate women who shake their heads to whatever nonsense they might speak. Always tell him your undefined feelings and try to be calm and don’t try to convince him in taking your point. This quality will reveal to your guy your strengths and he will start adoring you for this great quality of yours. Men like intelligent self made women who have their own way of thinking.

Be Mysterious
Don’t just spill out each and every detail about you to your man. Keep him guessing and wanting to know more about you. Men like to be around mysterious women. So keep some things secret to be unveiled later in the relationship. He must find more and more interesting things about you as he progresses in his relationship with you. This will keep his interest in you undying and fresh. So follow these tips to keep and attract this great guy in your pockets.

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