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3 Ways to Know If He’s in Love with You

It is pretty straightforward and easy to find out if your man is in love with you. You should not be emotionally serious with the man if his plans do not include you.
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It would be nice to walk into a bookstore and buy a book on men.  The book may have an easy to understand insight into a man and his thinking. Also handbooks to understand men can immensely help women in love to attract and keep him. Dating is a game of chase, passion and love, since it’s a hard task to know if a man loves you. Women are familiar with men because it is known that men never express their feelings rarely does a man shows his feelings and thoughts of love. This leaves the women confused and they like to be one step ahead of their man, the one they love.  A few ways to tell if he's in love or has already fallen in love with you is as follow:

(1)  Spend Time with You

If he spends time with you or wants to be with you it’s an obvious sign that he is in love and wants to be with you. Also spending even little time indicates he is crazy for you.  Women have instinct and know that guys are always busy due to work commitment or busy with plans with his friends and will cancel plans just to be with you. But if he makes excuses and can’t be with you, it is a sign he does not have an interest with you.

(2)  Introducing His Friends and Family

When a man you have strong feelings does not introduce you to his friends and family, it is a signal that he is not into you and does not have strong feelings for you. Men would like to introduce you to everyone they value in their circle of friends. When you are dating and your man takes time to plan an evening get together with his family and close friends it is clear that he is falling in love with you. Also it’s important to note that if your man visits his family without you it may not be a good sign of things to come for both of you.

(3)  Enquiring About Your Life

If a man is genuinely interested in you and your life he is in love with you. When he asks details about your life he is drawing close to you. When your man asks lot of questions about your day to day activities and anticipates your answer, he is falling in love with you. A sure sign he is not into you is when he asks a question and ignores your answer because he is doing it for courtesy.

So it is pretty straightforward and easy to find out if your man is in love with you. You should not be emotionally serious with the man you are dating if his plans do not include you.

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