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Want Someone Back: Why Extra Attention Won't Work For You

If this is you, then the only thing you should be willing to do is give that person the space they need for a small amount of time.
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Have you ever wanted someone back so bad that you were willing to do what it took to get that person back? If this is you, then the only thing you should be willing to do is give that person the space they need for a small amount of time. However, many people mistakenly believe that being there every time their ex turns around is a good thing. This is completely false.

Have you ever wondered why your ex shunned you whenever you called?  You had been pleading for a second chance but one day realized the number was no longer in service. You wondered what you did wrong to make him turn away and if you had an inkling of a chance left?

It’s not hard to imagine this scenario happening to many men and women because couples often do not realize that the extra attention given after a breakup pushes the person further away. Remember the breakup occurred because they needed time away. So give them the space they need if you want someone back in your life again.

For this reason, the worst thing you did was pressure your ex and asking for a second chance on a continuous basis. What you needed to do is take the advice of any relationship expert, give your ex some time away to think about how things are going in their life and if they want you a part of it.

You should also use this time to work on any self-esteem issues you have. Stay away from negative influences such as drugs and alcohol because they can influence you to call your ex in the middle of the night. Instead, get together with friends and head to the movies for a good time. Stay with people who love you and care about you but don’t overburden them with your problems.

In your desperate need to want someone back you should work on your emotional issues, work on any physical ones too. Make yourself look desirable to your ex. After you have done this, get out of the house. Even if you don’t feel like going out, make yourself do it. In the long run, it helps to heal your broken heart.

Prepare yourself with the possibility that you may lose your ex altogether. Not relationship survives the issues. If you have done some self-exploration and figured out what went wrong in your relationship, you can take this information and use it in your next relationship with someone else. To want someone back is one thing; the fact is not all relationships are meant to survive.

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