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Why You Won't Win Back Your Girlfriend When You Are Living Together

Space is not given when exes live together. It is a must that a couple separates completely from one another’s lives to move on.
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Your girlfriend asked for some time apart. Since you loved her so much you agreed to the breakup but had one sticky little problem: you have been living together and shared the household bills. Can you win back your girlfriend and make it work even possible to continue living under the same roof? You are not sure if this was the way to go about it.

No… this will never work to win back your girlfriend.

If you and your other half are going through a breakup and live together, one of you will need to decide who will move out. Why? If a breakup is not amicable and one-sided, hard feelings can build up, leading to problems down the road. If you are the one being dumped and you want another chance, giving each other space in the same household does not work.

Once you decide who moves out, start spending that time apart. If she or he asks to be friends but never calls, take it as a sign of them needing their space too. Use this time away to work on the problems that went wrong. If you were always fighting with one another, figure out why?

Here are some things you can do for yourself, get a makeover. If you had been putting off going on a diet, then this might be the time to do that. Start working out more at the gym. Sometimes people will do what they can to get rid of the reminders of their ex including cutting their hair or dying it.

Get together with friends that you may have been neglecting. When you are in a relationship, it’s not uncommon to neglect those closest to you. Spend time with friends who care about you. However, be sure you don’t drink to get drunk. It’s not hard to do drunk dialing when you are out of your mind with grief and have been drinking. Drunk dialing is when you call your ex up and profess your undying and unwavering love.  When you want to win back your girlfriend, this is the worst thing you can do for yourself.

Space is not given when exes live together. It is a must that a couple separates completely from one another’s lives to move on. Doing this gives you both the time to think and time to spend with other people who care about you. You can’t spend time apart or with other people when you always see each other. If you want to win back your girlfriend, you have to give each other space away from each other.

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