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Ignore the No Contact Rule? – Why Damages Can Be Done

There are reason why you should take the option of no contact rule. Taking time away from the situation heals open emotional wounds needed to work through your own issues.
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When your significant other dumps you, it feels as if your heart is ripped out. This feeling is amplified more if they say hurtful things that may or may not be undefined. This is when you have to stay in control in a time where everything feels out of control. You may start to panic and begin something that can cause you irreparable damage. You didn't keep the no contact rule you didn’t even realize you are constantly texting your ex when you feel out of control of the situation. The error: text message terrorism.

You may wonder what text message terrorism actually is. It’s a form of communication that is constant and never lets up. In fact, it can be viewed as a kind of harassment. While intentions are good, it’s a method that makes you appear needy, clingy and desperate.

Here are examples of communications people will use. Well, it can occur with a cell phone’s text messaging capabilities. It also occurs with other forms of communications too such as: phone calls, emails, letters, blog posts, voicemail messages, and instant messages and in person. One month no contact rule is too long a period for you, you try to communicate in person with an ex on a continuous basis.

You can probably see why any of these would damage any chances of winning back your ex. You may want to work things out with your ex but constantly trying to contact them will not work. In fact, all it does is to reaffirm that they made the right decision and portrays you as a psycho. You do not want to be depicted as the psycho ex when all you are trying to do is win your ex back. 

Follow the one month no contact rule. What you should do is break off all contact with your ex for about a month. Taking time away from the situation heals open emotional wounds and gives you both the space needed to work through your own issues. If things seem to be going better for you after the month is up, contact your ex to see how they have been. You also don’t want your first phone call to be desperate sounding either.

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