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3 Reasons Men Leave a Relationship

There are 3 big reasons why they would leave a relationship, all of which are quite fixable with a little help and guidance.
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Many women often wonder why a man would leave a good relationship. This has been a question most women have been asking themselves repeatedly. Why would a good man want to leave? Actually, there are 3 big reasons why they would leave a relationship, all of which are quite fixable with a little help and guidance.

Reason (1) – Cheating

Cheating is the number one reason most couples break up. Both men and women are guilty of doing this devastating deed. There’s no good reason why someone would cheat on the person they are with. Still, it happens to plenty of people. It should be no surprise that relationships don’t fare well after an infidelity has been done and discovered.

Reason Number (2) – Emotional Needs

Each person in a relationship has emotional needs that should be met. When one person, males too, feel like the relationship is failing to meet those needs, they gradually break it off. Each person, male and female, needs certain things out of a relationship. Men love to feel admired, wanted and trusted. When he feels that his spouse doesn’t have those things in him, his confidence can be shaken and his self-esteem ruined.

Reason Number (3) – Commanding Girlfriends

Guys don’t like when women are always bossy. When a woman takes command of the entire relationship, men can feel used. Men like a woman who is independent and has confidence in herself. However, it’s when that strength loses control and seeks to control the relationship entirely that men feel the need to run. This type of emotional distress can kill a relationship just as fast as cheating and may even lead the man to stray.

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