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4 Tips to Getting Your Ex Back

Instead of self pity and feeling as if it is the end of the world, here's some helpful tips to help you out.
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A breakup is painful, no doubt about it. But after going through, what are you going to do? Will you just let yourself hang your head in exasperation and depression or will you fight back and make the life of your ex miserable? Going through a breakup is very painful for some. Whatever the reason, they feel rotten spending their time on the sofa shed gallons of tears and eating tubs of ice cream.  Before they realize it they have lost touch of reality.

I know how you feel. You probably feel as if you were the unhappiest person in the world. But the good news is you don’t have to live on like that. After the breakup, instead of self pity and feeling as if it is the end of the world, you should start on getting your life back

(1) Transform Your Thinking

In order for you to start getting your ex back, you should transform your thinking. Take the positive approach. If you think on the negative and how bad your ex has ditched you, then you will simply plunge into depression and that will lead you nowhere. Do not look pitiful, it doesn’t work! Instead, look at this breakup as a challenge to be a better person.

(2) Your Emotional Checklist

Emotions are an inherent part of human life. Emotions tend to generate energy, which could be put to good use if you are willing to do so. When you are sad, you can actually turn that emotion to good use by being motivated. That is what you need - motivation to get your ex back. Look on the brighter side, at least you know now that there are times your relationships do not go smoothly. With this in mind , you can try to understand what make a relationship work. 

(3) Work to Improve Yourself

The breakup is also a time you discover how to improve yourself. Take pen and paper and list down things that you know you should improve on. The list may number from 5 to 10, probably your ex could count more. At least, you know you want to improve yourself and when you do, you can embark in getting your ex back.

(4) Breakup Wake up Call

Most likely, your ex does not hate you intensely. The love is still there except that it is being overshadowed by rage or by some issues that came between you. Plan for the necessary steps on how you could make it up to your ex. Do not be afraid of rejection - your ex might not respond to your efforts at first. Yet, through your sincere efforts, your ex will see some positive changes you made, before long your ex will realize he or  she is missing something and wants you back again. So now why are you crying and lounging at the coach, get up and start what you should do now!

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