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Winning Your Ex Back: How to Boost Your Self Confidence

You should look at yourself and the level of your confidence because knowing what to do may not be enough for you to win your ex back.
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If you ever had a choice in life, that is to enjoy your relationship with your beloved for as long as you can. You would never choose breakup. But what if it happens to you? What if one day after consecutive days of fighting, your beloved calls it quits and leave you all alone staring at the sky and the rain is about to fall?

Seems like a scene from a melodramatic movie, isn’t it? Yet, it happens all too often. When a breakup happens, your self-esteem falls. You suddenly see everything that is wrong in the world and all things wrong in yourself. Your job is suddenly not so appealing, your sneakers are not in their right shape, and even the streets don’t seem to be working the way they should. If you’re in this rut, you should pause for a while and ask yourself what you want to do. Most probably, you want to get back with your ex but you feel that you lack the confidence and the strength to pursue your beloved once again.

There are several things that you have to do in order to win your ex back. For one, you should look at yourself and the level of your confidence because knowing what to do may not be enough for you to win your ex back. As such, you need to boost your confidence. But how do you do that when the world seems to be on your shoulders?

First things first - this may sound like abandonment and giving up but it is not. Leave your ex alone: at least for the moment. This will give your ex some time to think through the issues that led to the breakup. More importantly, you can use this time to sort through your emotions and think about what went wrong. Call it a retreat but it is not the end of the battle.

Difficult as it may sound, you need to think positive. Look at the bright side even if you feel that your life has taken a wrong turn. Just remember that being negative will only drag you down and will not help you boost your confidence in winning your ex back. 

After thinking through the issues leading to the breakup, start winning your ex again. This time, however, be discreet and sure. You may go out on a date and try to bring back her trust. This way, you can surely boost your confidence back.

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