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Winning Back Your Ex? 3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you have signs of depression, neediness, grumpiness after a bad breakup it basically say that you are a psycho and are stalking your ex. What should you do next?
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Desperation, neediness, grumpiness, depression… these are the signs of a bad breakup. When someone is suffering from this problem, they may act in ways that just does not seem like themselves. Actually, this is normal but should be watched in case it leads to bigger problems such as drugs and alcohol. Using these substances can lead to even more devastating issues. It’s important that you know what you should not do when winning back your ex is your intention.

Mistake Breakups (1) - Excessive Attention

While your motives mean well, the damage is already done and is still being done when you shower your ex with too much affection. Remember your other half was essentially asking you for some time away by breaking up with you. Give them this space they are “asking” you for. When you don’t, you’re telling them that you are a psycho and desperate for their attention. You should know it is a bad idea and that you should avoid.

Mistake Breakups (2) - Drunk Dialing

One of the first things you need to lay off of is alcohol and drugs. When you are hit with the realization that you are alone, depression can hit. When depression hits, alcohol, drugs or both aren’t too far behind. When you use these substances, you could be susceptible to drunken dialing. It’s those late night phone calls to your ex, begging them to give you a second chance. You aren’t too sure what to say to get them to change their mind so you’ll say whatever pops into your mind and out of your mouth. This outburst of emotion does little for you and little for your “real” position. You won’t even realize you have done it until the morning or when someone tells you that you did it.

Mistake Breakups (3) - Text Message Terrorism

You don’t have to be in your ex’s presence to make matters bad. In fact, all you have to do is repeatedly call, text message, instant message, email, etc. them each day. When you do this, you basically say that you are a psycho and are stalking them. Don’t do this. If you want any chance of winning your ex back, you should stop this before it goes way too far.

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