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3 Tips to Help Win Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

Here are the three things you show your ex that you are worth giving a second chance to. What is it?
Views: 701 Created 01/16/2009

Many men often wonder what they need to do to win back their ex-girlfriend. They may ask questions such as “how do I make her notice me again?” or “how can I get her to reconsider her decision so she is with me?” While these are good questions, there are three very simple answers. If you can do them, then you are another step closer to winning back your ex-girlfriend.

First, know that your appearance matters. When you have been dumped, you’re likely to feel unwanted or even unattractive inside and outside. However, don’t let your outer looks go with your inner feelings. Be sure you stay healthy and smell good not just for health reasons but to also show her that you have more emotional strength than she gave you credit for. Breakups tend to make people feel weak on the inside and it can show on the outside. It’s important that you don’t let this happen to you.

Second, maintain your social appearances. That means get together with some buddies and get out on the town. You don’t need to sit in your home all day, brooding over the love of your life being gone. This can lead to depression and other bad problems down the road. Get together with your friends who care about your feelings. By not falling apart, you show your ex that you aren’t going to let the breakup stop you from enjoying yourself. It can build a little jealousy within her too if she sees you out with someone else for the first time.

Third, fix the problems (on your side) that went wrong in the relationship. You already know that there were problems in the relationship. Now you just need to sit down and work them out for yourself. Once you’ve figured it out, you can change what you need to win her back. They may be a bit hard for her to spot but if she looks really close, she’ll be happy with the difference. It gets her attention and perhaps she can work on her issues so you both have a second chance, if you want it.

By doing these three things, you show your ex that you are worth giving a second chance to. However, don’t slip up when doing the reconciliation part because it’s harder to win your ex girlfriend back when you are acting like a psycho.

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