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Win Your Ex Back: Follow a Five-Step Method

Breakup doesn’t have to be difficult to deal with. Sort out your emotions and here are the five steps to help win back your ex.
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Everyone can agree that breakups are cruel and leave behind a mess of feelings from anger to hurt to depression. However, the breakup doesn’t have to be difficult to deal with. If you want a way to move forward with your life easily, use these five steps to win back your ex.

Win Your Ex Back Step 1 - Take Your Time

A big mistake many people make is rushing their ex to decide whether to give them a second chance or not. Actually, this can be very bad. Be sure you don’t give your ex a lot of attention. In fact, don’t talk with or see them for some time that way your ex can gather their thoughts and find out what they want. You may be surprised that space works wonders when you are trying to win them back.

Win Your Ex Back Step 2 - Analyze What Happened

During this no-contact time, you should be trying to figure out the things that went wrong for you in the relationship. While you can’t fix their side of things, you can work on yours. Find out what were the main sticky points that led to the breakup that way if you do get a second chance, those same mistakes won’t rear their ugly heads again.

Win Your Ex Back Step 3 - Light Contact

Okay, so you let a month pass, right? Now this is the time that you can make some contact with your ex. However, don’t get into a long drown out tirade about things. Try keeping the conversation light, asking how they have been and what they have been up to. The worst thing you can do is to plead your case. Take things slow and see how things are from there.

Win Your Ex Back Step 4 - Spend Time Together

Once everything seems kosher with breakup mess, you’re liable to spend time with your ex. Do things as a couple but do them as if you are a new couple. You can always do things that you both used to enjoy together but don’t dwell on the past. Memories of the good times are likely to occur and rekindle those long lost feelings. This is the time to remind your ex how you once were and why they were in love with you in the first place.

Win Your Ex Back Step 5 - Keeping Your Ex

Now that you have your second chance, you have to keep it. The changes you made to win them over have to be kept up. Do it for them and for yourself. If you let your “bad” side show again, you aren’t likely to get a third chance.

You have to make sacrifices when you really love someone. Make sure you meet your partner’s needs and if something seems amiss talk to them about your feelings. You don't want to let anything fester and ruin your second chance.

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