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Flirt Signals: 3 Tell-tale Signs Men Tend to Show You

Need some help with the flirting signs, here are three tell-tale ways to know if he is sending flirt signals your way.
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There all kinds of signals that men show that they are interested in a particular woman. He may flirt with her. However, some women have a difficult time distinguishing these signs. For some men, flirting is second nature and is usually very open. Other men are subtler with their flirting. For women, it can quite frustrating to tell if the man is flirting with them or not. However, if you need some help with the flirting signs, here are three tell-tale ways to know if he is sending flirt signals your way.

Sign No 1) - Body Language

Watch his body language. Men often flirt through body language. If his hands always seem to be clasped around you, he may be nervous. If he leans closer to you, this may be a sign that he is interested and wants to make a move.

Sign No 2) - Stuttering

Some men have a habit of stuttering when they are nervous. When they are so nervous, men may have a problem putting together a full sentence. This is especially undefined if they find a woman who is extremely attractive.

Sign No 3) - Private Moments

Does it seem like a guy is trying to find ways to be alone with you? This is another sign for flirting. It means he is trying to spend quality time with you and learn more about you one on one. Eventually these moments will become more intimate, leading to a possible first kiss (That is if he has the nerve to go for it).

Men and women both have odd ways of telling each other that they are in love with someone. However, if you are woman wondering if the guy you like or see an awful lot is flirting with you, the three signals and signs above can help you distinguish if they are just being polite or trying to learn more about you in an intimate… that is, getting the courage to officially ask you out.

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