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5 Helpful Tips to Get Your Ex Back: For Women Only

There may be reasons why your boyfriend felt the need for a little “man” time. If you want to know how to get him back, there are five things you can do.
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Most people have been in a relationship that took their breath away. However, one day your world gets shattered by the knowledge that your boyfriend needs some time and space to himself. While it may be nothing you did, you begin to wonder what happened. First, realize that there are a vast array of reasons why your ex boyfriend felt the need for a little “man” time. He may have problems within the family, have fear of commitment or have minor insecurities about the relationship. However, if you want to know how to get your ex back, there are five things you can do.

First, if you know you are still in love with him, play a little hard to get. Show him that the breakup was his mistake, not yours. You aren’t going to lose the pride you have when you do this.

Second, if it seems your ex still has feelings for you, keep talking to him. You certainly don’t want to do this for too long. Remember he needed space from the relationship… that means you too. If you want, a quick text message or phone call, asking him how he has been doesn’t hurt. It lets him know that you are still thinking of him, without pressuring to get your ex back into the relationship with you.

Third, if it seems that everything is going well, begin talking about the good times you both had together. Reminiscing about those times can rekindle old flames and have him keep thinking about all the good that was in the relationship. Don’t bring up hurtful topics because it reminds them reasons why they may have left the relationship in the first place.

Fourth, watch out your ex boyfriend responds to your advances. If they seem slow, then it may be time to give him the space he originally asked for. However, if it seems that he is warming up, then proceed further with trying recapture what you both had initially.

Fifth, look for those signals that tell you that you can tell him how you feel. When you put your heart on a sleeve, don’t act needy. Instead, lay it out on the line and see how he feels about a second chance in the relationship. If he is open to it, he’ll respond positively. However, if things seem to be going in another direction, take a step back and let everything happen, as they should instead of pushing to get your ex back.

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