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Printer Toner Cartridges - Some Important Facts

Toner cartridges are used in important machines such as photocopiers, laser printers & fax machines. Paragon Matrix outlines important facts about these essential products.
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Today, all types of printers including laser printers and inkjet printers are very reasonably priced. Also, the printer toner cartridges which substitute the starter cartridges are very affordable and are very cost effective as well. There are some very good deals for the laser printer cartridges and the inkjet printer cartridges in the market, and there is no doubt that most of these great deals are found online.

Laser printer toner which is more commonly known as laser printer toner cartridges is a powdery substance which gets electrically charged during the process of printing and gets transferred to paper to complete the process. These toners come in cartridges which can be inserted into the printer.

One cartridge can print many pages. When empty, these printer toner cartridges can be replaced or refilled as well. There are two main benefits of replacing the printer toner cartridges. They are speed and portability. Toners are used extensively in photocopiers, laser printers and fax machines. Initially the toners were made of carbon. However, with the advent of time, the manufacturers combined carbon with polymers to improve the quality of the prints. Majority of the manufacturers use fuser technology which heats and melts the cartridge particles to stick to the paper.

Though the polymer could differ for different manufacturers, most of them use Styrene Acrylate Copolymer or a Polyester Resin. The formulations of these printer toner cartridges might even differ from one machine to another. The basic difference between different formulations is because of the difference in particle size and the difference in melting points of those particles. Some of the manufacturers of these printer toner cartridges even use chemical processes which enhance the shapes of the particles used in these printer toner cartridges, this in turn results in better quality prints in terms of colour accuracy and better organised use of the printer toner cartridges.

Laser printer toners are broadly classified into four types. The first type is popularly known as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM. These cartridges are manufactured by companies under their famous brand names. Some very famous OEM cartridges are Epson OEM, Canon OEM, HP OEM and Brother OEM. The second type is Generic cartridges or Compatible cartridges which usually aim at equalling or excelling the performance of the OEM Cartridges, though they are much cheaper when compared with OEM Cartridges. The third type has become very popular in the recent years, is called refurbished or remanufactured cartridges and as the name suggests are remanufactured or recycled from the OEMs. Last but not the least is the refill kits, which is in fact the cheapest way to replace the replace the printer's toner cartridge.

The toner cartridges have many advantages when compared with laser cartridges. The laser printer toners not only prints more pages but also prove to be more cost efficient in the long run when compared with the inkjet cartridges. In addition to that, the laser printer toners are also faster than inkjet cartridges and can print almost all type of papers. If used properly, there is no doubt that the laser toner cartridges can take one's printing to the next level.

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