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How to Save Money on Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Saving money is the name of the game in today's credit crunch world. Paragon Matrix outlines where to look for a bargain.
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Printers have become very affordable now-a-day. Inkjet printers are the least expensive of all the printers available today. But that does not mean that an inkjet printer does not give high quality prints, in fact inkjet printers are most famous for fine detailed printing output. inkjet printer cartridges work by holding the ink before it can actually get transferred to the printing medium which is mostly paper. The Printer cartridges of almost all the major brands can produce about 300 to 800 prints per cartridge. However, the biggest drawback of an inkjet printer is that the ink in the printer cartridges runs out very fast.

Since, the price of an inkjet printer is very low, it is the first choice of many of the users.  It is a surprising fact for most of us that all the inkjet printers are sold at an average loss of $20 to $ 50. The company's strategy in selling an inkjet printer for loss is that, the company can make a profit in the future on the sale of  printer cartridges for the product.

Some companies even go to the extent of selling "reduced cartridge", so that one needs to purchase the replacement  cartridge sooner than is actually required. One can definitely save some money by keeping the following points in mind before purchasing a printer:

Before determining on the purchase of a particular printer depending upon its quality and performance, it is also advisable to calculate the cost of the print per page. This can be easily done if one knows the type of cartridge which can be used with that inkjet printer and the number of prints which can be produced using that cartridge. If one has the knowledge of the average page yield of the  cartridge, it is very likely that one does not need to visit the printer supplies store very often for the cartridges.   If you have already purchased the printer and are not very happy with the high replacement charges for the cartridges, you can look for companies or online stores which offer to refill the existing printer cartridges for almost half the price. There are some reputed companies and stores which even offers product guarantee on the refills.

The next option to save considerable amount of money on printer cartridges of an inkjet printer would be to look for remanufactured or refurbished printer cartridges which are compatible with one's printer. While doing this, one should be cautious enough to check the printer manual for the models which are compatible with the printer. The printer cartridge which is not completely compatible with the printer might harm or damage it.   In order to reduce your printing costs, it is advisable to check the prices of printer as well as the printer inkjet ink cartridges used in it. One should also explore the options of using remanufactured printer cartridges and refilling of the existing printer cartridges to maximise the savings.

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