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How to Make Money Online: 10 Way to Monetize Your Website

Your website can help you make money online. Use these monetizing ideas to help you turn your visitors into happy customers.
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Many people are wondering how to make money online and what to promote and sell on their website. They have a beautiful site, they have people visiting it and enjoying the content and information they have up, but they want to know how to now make their website produce a little extra cash.

Here are 10 ways to monetize your website...

1.  Google Adsense. Did you know that you can put google ads on your website and then get paid every time someone clicks on one? Not only that, but Google will put up ads that are related to your page's content. So not only do you get paid when people click, but the ads that are there will be targeted to your specific topic.

2.  Referral Fees. Know someone in your local area that is offering a service your visitors can use? Or do you know another website that is offering a service, product or information? Why not see if they will pay you a referral fee for sending people to them! Many businesses will pay for either every person you send them, or a percentage on every sale from people you send them.

3.  Advertising. Yes, you can let other people advertise on your site and charge them for the priviledge. You may want to be careful with this one and pick and choose who you advertise, and how those advertisements look. Afterall, it is your site and your reputation on the line. Don't sell yourself short by allowing questionable or annoying advertisements on your site.

4.  Affiliate Products. Join an affiliate program and promote various products of theirs. You can do this through links on your site that contain code that lets them know who sent that person. You then get paid a commission for every sale made through your link.

5.  Ebooks. Write your own ebook on a topic that fits with your website. Ebooks are easy to publish, and super easy to sell, as there is no physical product that you have to ship. You can even set it up so that everything is automated, and the ebook is automatically emailed to the customer when they make the purchase.

6.  Audios. Sell audios on your site. Either your own, or someone else's (get re-sell rights, or make a commission). This can also be done like the ebooks, where the audio is in a web-friendly format that can be automatically emailed or downloaded. These could include music, audio books, seminars, and more.

7.  Hard Goods. You can sell any kind of hard goods through a website. Choose to carry inventory and ship it yourself, or find a drop shipper who will ship it for you!

8.  Courses and Training. Is there a great course on your particular topic? Promote the course on your website! You can get commissions for selling someone else's course, or create your own and keep all the profits. Do a course that is completely online to eliminate the need for shipping, or create a physical course that will be shipped in book, dvd, cd, etc format.

9.  Finder's Fees. This works good for referring to people like real estate agents, car rental places, boat sales, and other big ticket services and products. Make an agreement to refer people to someone like that, either locally or wherever makes sense for your website theme, and ask for a finder's fee. This is similar to #2, but is more targeted to those bigger items.

10.  Memberships. Does your website theme fit in well with a membership format? Is it a topic that you can provide a subscription based member's only area of high value? Maybe you can do a book of the month, wine of the month, coffee of the month or other similar monthly or weekly subscription.

There are just a few ideas to get your creative ball rolling on how to make money online. Let these suggestions trigger even more ideas and brainstorming in your own mind. Start writing down your ideas, then go back over your list and pick the one that makes the most sense to implement right now.

You now have your first step to make money online - now go and do it!

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