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Text Message Terrorism: Why You Need to Stop This Mistake

Do you want to get back together with your ex? If so, you have to be respectful of their wishes and not contacting them many times every single day.
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Breakups can cause a bit of turmoil for the couple involved and the friends that help them through it. However, breakups are a time when most people aren’t relying on their common sense to see through the tough times. In fact, the lack of common sense that they have leads to greater problems including making the mistake of doing text message terrorism.

What is text message terrorism? Its name is what it implies. When you are desperate to talk with your ex about inane things, you’ll try every method of communication to get a hold of them. The inane things have nothing to do with what you are calling about. Be honest with yourself. You are calling to keep in touch with your ex so they will know you are still around.

Remember text message terrorism isn’t just getting a hold of your ex via text messages. It’s getting in touch with them through the phone lines, through the internet using email or instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN or Skype. Any method of contact can be consundefinedd as text message terrorism.

Do you want to get back together with your ex? If so, you have to be respectful of their wishes and not contacting them many times every single day. Constant unwanted contact is actually harassment. You don’t come across as fun and loving but desperate, needy and a little psychotic.

Text message terrorism will only send your ex further away from you. No contact is best for your situation. Think about it. If you broke up with someone, would you want to constantly have messages from them, asking you to return their calls? Remember, the breakup occurred because of a breakdown in communications. Keep this in mind as you dial your ex’s number to leave yet another message.

What can you do? First, stop what you are doing and breathe deeply. Remember that text message terrorism is not the way to win your ex’s heart so find another better way to reconnect with them. However, give yourself and your ex a period of time with no contact and see what comes of it.

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