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Drunk Dialing: What It is And Why You Should Stop It

Remember that alcohol helps numb the pain for a short while but comes back with a vengeance once the buzz has worn off.
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If you have ever been dumped, you know how painful it can be to deal with it. It’s normal to make mistakes because you’re not thinking clearly about what is right and what is wrong. However, certain mistakes are much more costly and can kill any chance of reconciliation with your ex. One of the biggest mistakes a person who is suffering from the breakup blues is drunk dialing.

You should know what drunk dialing is. If you don’t know, you may have heard of a friend who has done it but don’t know it by its name. To break it down, this is drunk dialing. You decide to get yourself some alcohol. You can either be alone drinking or with some friends. With the breakup wounds pretty fresh, you get to drinking. Suddenly, the pain of the loss is so bad you decide that drinking isn’t doing much to help. You decide to give your ex a ring and see what’s going on.

You call and wait. You know you want to hear your ex’s voice even if it’s on the answering machine/voicemail. Remember the chances of your ex being asleep is great because it’s usually in the middle of the night that these phone calls come about. You hear the phone pick up… it could be the ex or the voicemail. Who knows and who cares at this point. You put your heart out on your sleeve. Once you are done, you hang up, realizing you just made a fool of yourself.

You realize that what you just did shows that you are weak when under a nasty influence such as alcohol or even drugs. Everything you just said and did just say one thing about you: needy.  What is your ex thinking about at this point? Only that she/he is glad to be away from you and that you have their pity. That feeling can be the worst feeling of all.

It can be hard to deal with breakup pain. Many people go through it. When you have been with someone for so long and suddenly that rock is gone out from underneath you, it can be hard to deal with. However, drunk dialing only makes them realize that they did the right thing by dumping you. Be aware that you can still win them back but you need to be aware of the mistakes before you make them and not to make them again if you have already done so.

Remember that alcohol helps numb the pain for a short while but comes back with a vengeance once the buzz has worn off. It makes you relax and then it makes you panic, driving you to do things you ordinarily would not do.

Drunk dialing as a result of drinking is not a constructive way to deal with the matter. Find things that are in your best interest and can help you to win him/her back. Create a plan to help you achieve this goal. You never want to go off the cuff when you are trying to win your ex back because you are liable to say the wrong thing and lose them for good.

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