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Win Ex Back: Why Pleading, Drunk Dialing, Text Message Won't Help?

Give your ex the space they need to work through the problems they saw. During this time, you work on your own problems.
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When you have been dumped, it can be hard to see straight, let alone think straight. Your world has been turned upside down. With everything going on, you are likely to make some serious mistakes that can kill your chance for a reunion. However, these mistakes can be rectified if you realize what you are doing and stop immediately. If you want to win your ex back, it’s important that you recognize the errors and do the right thing. After all, your ex is still important to you, right?

Error 1 - Pleading Your Case

Okay, first thing, do not beg or plead your case, hoping your ex will take pity on you, realize they still love you and come back. It does not work. Yes, it is a natural reaction to have after a breakup but it’s also a big mistake to do. When you pressure your ex to come back, you are essentially driving them further away. You are liable to make them even angrier at you for not giving them the space they need to sort through their feelings. It’s important that your ex gets this space. Don’t act needy, desperate and certainly whiny. You only affirm their decision to end the relationship.

Error 2 - Drunk Dialing

What is drunk dialing? Know those midnight or later phone calls you make to your ex, hoping to hear their voice, leading you to beg and plead for a second chance… only to realize that you sound like a goofball and quickly hang up? Oh yeah and you are drunk too. That is drunk dialing and for any ex to get that kind of phone call, it is not sexy in the least.

Drinking does take the pain away for a short time but it brings it back full force once the effect has begun to wear off.  When you are depressed about the breakup, drinking only further enhances those feelings. Do not do drunk dialing even if it sounds good when you are drinking. It doesn’t do anything for you or win your ex.

Error 3 - Text Message Terrorism

This mistake cannot be blamed on alcohol. Text message terrorism occurs when you constantly assail your ex with phone calls, text messages, emails, instant messages, etc. You believe that constantly trying to get a hold of your ex is a good thing because it keeps them thinking about you. Actually, it does make them think about you but in a negative way not positive. If your ex hasn’t called you after the first phone call or message, the chances are they won’t be calling you.

If this is your case, then do the next best thing. Give your ex the space they need to work through the problems they saw. During this time, you work on your own problems. If things work out, then maybe the two of you can work things out and get back together but using text message terrorism to stay in their life will not work or win your ex back. It just makes you look like a psycho.

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