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How to Tell If Your Ex Still Desires You

If your ex seems to want to see you more often than not, he obviously care about you than they originally thought. In this case, love isn’t gone…it just needs to be reawakened.
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It’s not uncommon to still be in love with an ex and want him/her back. However, many people are unsure if reconciling with their ex is a good thing. One thing they may worry about is that their ex may not love them anymore. Believe it or not, this is a common feeling to have. If this is how you feel and you want a second chance with your ex, how do you know if your ex still loves you? Is there anyway you can tell for sure?

Keep in mind that feelings don’t go away overnight. Your ex may still love you but they are not in love with you and felt that breaking up with you was better for the situation and for both of you. Being in love with someone and loving someone are two totally different statements so keep this in mind. Chances are your ex still has feelings despite any fights you both have endured. How can you know for sure if your ex still loves you?

The best way to tell is in how your ex treats you. Even if they did the breaking up, does it seem like they call you on their own or call you back when you call? If your ex seems to want to see you more often than not, they obviously care more about you than they originally thought. In this case, love isn’t gone… it just needs to be reawakened. If your goal is to win back your ex, be sure you keep the lines of communication open as well.

If your ex doesn’t want a chance with you, you may notice your ex seems to be moving on with their lives and will evade calling you back or doesn’t make the effort to call himself, then it’s time to move on as well.

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